Colectivo La Loma Grande

Discover La Loma Grande, one of the most traditional neighbourhoods in Quito

When you think about traditional neighbourhoods in Quito, you think about the Historic Center and its surroundings. Although this area is the most evident and valued for everyone, there are other places with great cultural and historic value. Some of them are San Blas, La Loma Grande, San Marcos, La Tola, or La Ronda. At this time, we will be talking about La Loma Grande.

Located all the way down from Santo Doming plaza and church, this old neighbourhood saw its beginnings back in 1541, when Quito was  growing and consolidating its progress. La Loma Grande is a traditional area, with many stories and legends to tell. The place used to be known as the Barrio Obrero, because a long time ago many merchants used to have their business and other economic activities set up there.

DSC03535In the beginning, mostly high-class people lived in the neighbourhood. There is a street called La Francia, where presidents and other rich people had their residence. La Loma Grande is known not just for the rich and famous past residents, but also for its rich local culture of storytelling. There is a ravine in the neighbourhood that used to be the subject of many tales, with ghost, leprechauns and many more. The most incredible thing of the past history, is that La Loma Grande represented more than just a community of people, it was a family. These days, that condition has been lost not only in La Loma Grande, but also in most of the traditional neighbourhoods in Quito.


Nowadays, these traditions have been forgotten with the passage of time. Colectivo La Loma Grande is an initiative formed by local residents fighting to recover the stories and traditions, so they do not get lost. Every week, they have meetings and talks about the local problems and solutions which people can work on in order to make the neighbourhood a closer community again.

La Loma Grande collective

They constantly plan fundraising events, so they can manage to repair and improve the public spaces in the neighbourhood. There is no doubt that the attractiveness and beauty of the place, it houses, parks, streets and people make it one the unique, and great places to visit when you are in Quito.



It is important that people in the neighbourhood want to recovered their past and make it known to everyone in the city, so they never lose the traditions in Quito. They want their history and legends alive in the memories of citizens and visitors. So when you look up from the street near La Loma, you can see one the most recognized places in Quito.

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