City Makers Summit: Den Haag expedition

Political capital is developing organically

Join us on our New Europe City Makers Summit from 27-30 May! On Saturday the 28th we will visit eight cities around the Netherlands in which you are able to experience the citizen-driven initiatives in their local habitat. Read more about the Den Haag programme in this article and register here.

The Hague is the political capital of the Netherlands, as it houses the Dutch government as well as the International Crime Court of the UN. At the moment, The Hague is going through big changes. The number of inhabitants keeps on growing, which makes housing a challenge and as well as staying interesting and inviting for inhabitants, visitors, and companies.

Due to the financial crisis, large-scale building projects are no longer feasible and have been put on hold or even discarded altogether. As a result, inhabitants have become more responsible for their own living environment while the municipality enforces and facilitates organic area development. This allows for more bottom-up initiatives to develop, sometimes even with fewer rules. This kind of organic area development is taking place in the district The Binckhorst since 2011. City Maker Sabrina Lindemann is working in that area, co-creating organic growth with the inhabitants and local entrepreneurs.

These are the initiatives that we will visit during our city expedition:

Ruimte voor de Stad

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