Bike Sharing in Prague

Ride a bike all over Prague with this Community Bike Sharing System

Avoid traffic jams, get exercise and explore the city using the community bike sharing system, Rekola.  All you need is a smart phone to join and become part of the Rekola community bike sharing system. Once you have joined, using the Rekola app, you can locate the pink bikes all over the city and unlock them using the codes you get through the app. You can then explore the city, visit friends or run errands all atop these fun, pink bikes. When you have reached your destination, all you need to do is park, lock the bike and mark on the app that you are done using the bike.

© Rekola

Unlike other bike share systems, Rekola is a non-profit, community based bike sharing scheme.  As such, it varies from traditional models.  First, it does not use formal bike sharing system racks. Rather, they use virtual parking racks in front of selected businesses that can be identified by special signs and stickers.  This gives users greater flexibility in where they can locate and leave bikes. Many of the bikes have been donated! As well, some of the bikes in the system are equipped with GPS chips that can be activated or turned off by the rider.  These chips gather data that can be used to improve cities, particularly in regards to city planning and cycling in Prague.

Easily recognizable by the pink color, these bikes add a playfulness to the city.  They inspire people to experience the city from atop a bicycle. How do you get around your city? Why not try cycling for a day using a bike sharing system?

© Rekola

You can donate used bikes and find out more about the project here.

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