Bicycle Mayor Summit 2017

With the number of cyclists increasing in cities, the Bicycle Mayor program in Amsterdam is setting up a framework to deliver actions the support better cycling for all.

On the 10th & 11th of June, CycleSpace is organising the very first Bicycle Mayor and Leader Summit in Amsterdam. This summit will function as a kickstarter to expand and improve the network of cycling representatives around the world. Everyone who is interested in the program or believes in cycling as the form of urban sustainable mobility is invited to join on Saturday the 10th. The Summit will take place the weekend before Velo-City, the biggest cycling conference in the world, organised in Arnhem and Nijmegen.

The Bicycle Mayor program is a global initiative focused on accelerating the progress of cycling in cities. The program acts like a catalyst in bringing together both public and private domains, promoting the economical and environmental benefits of increased urban cycling. The Bicycle Mayor initiative was established and managed by CycleSpace, an organisation based in Amsterdam that attempts to accelerate the shift to human-centric cities. CycleSpace coordinates the program together with local city-makers from partnering cities, supporting them in developing and implementing ideas for urban cycling actions.

Accelerating the shift to human-centric cities ©CycleSpace

‘We believe that bicycles transform cities, and cities transform the world.’ – CycleSpace

The Bicycle Mayor is a honorary title, assigned to independent city-makers which take it upon themselves to bridge the gap between city councils, urban planners, the cycling community and local residents. They promote the benefits of cycling in the city, while at the same time identifying the local barriers going against a better cycling future. Co-working and solution stories are two labels that best describe the new cycling network promoted by Bicycle Mayors. The cycling network is comprised of people from all city levels, coming together under the common goal of moving cycling in cities from the fringes to the mainstream.

Inovation prototypes ©Katie Snyder

Although the working goal is common, the role of each Mayor may vary depending on the local context of the particular city. For example, the cycling barriers can differ in terms of socio-economical levels, or cultural preferences. To this, CycleSpace responded with a general toolkit that provides guidelines for the newly appointed Mayors. They can find ideas on how to work with public policy, urban planning, communication, and most importantly on how to become the voice of cyclists in the city.

In June 2016, the world’s first Bicycle Mayor was appointed in Amsterdam. Anna Luten was chosen by a jury of city officials and bike advocates to become the independent voice of cycling in the Dutch capital. As it is almost one year since the moment, CycleSpace is planing on expanding the network at a global level, by exporting the concept of Bicycle Mayor to other cities. In this regard, they are organising the first annual Bicycle Mayor summit in Amsterdam, June 2017.

Interested in participating? Watch the video below.

Do you think your city needs a Bicycle Mayor, or you know just the right persons or organisations in your city that will be interested, please check to buy tickets or to find more information. For specific information or questions about the program, please contact

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