Baugruppenprojekt Urbankrankenhaus Kreuzberg

"Am Urban" is Berlin's largest DIY-architecture project

Right in the middle of the Berlin neighborhood Kreuzberg lays one of the biggest DIY-build projects of the city.

A former hospital complex that is over 26,500 m2 has been a housing complex since 2011. Today over 120 people are living there.

The Baugruppenprojekt Urbankrankenhaus Kreuzberg is situated in the former hospital of Kreuzberg. In 2008 when the whole complex went up for sale, a private collective of architects, jurists, and residents submitted the winning bid. Together the collective developed the huge complex “am Urban” from 2008 till 2011 into a thriving housing complex. Today, over 120 residents live in the 19 monumental brick-stone buildings of the largest DIY-build project of Berlin.

The complex does not only feature houses, it has performance spaces, workspaces, a day care and specially designed elderly homes. This multifunctionality results in a complex that features a highly diverse mix of residents.

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