Rethinking waste as ressources for artistic and social projects

Plastic bags, wooden pallets, old tires, objects that fill our trashes everyday, are primary materials and source of inspiration for Basurama‘s installations. Since its creation in 2001, this artists collective based in Madrid has been working on changing our perception of waste.

Through their projects, they prove that domestic and industrial waste are not only the end point of the production-consumption chain. They can be easily reintegrated in different kind of production process, in this case art and community life.

Together with kids, adults and fellow artists, they transformed a large PVC pipe into a toboggan, plastic bags into gigantic inflatable playgrounds, tires into chairs for open air cinema sessions and so on. Basurama invites us to touch, examine and play with what we usually hide and leave behind us. From this personal experience we start considering waste as a ressources, interpret our consumption habits and their impact in the chain of consequences. The collective travels the world to organise workshops, exhibitions and conducing researches for a better understanding of those questions.

If you want to learn more Basurama’s project, get inspire and eventually collaborate with them you can visit their website and contact them via e-mail or social media.

Involved city makers
Juan López-Aranguren
Architect and co-founder of Basurama
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