Art against urban waste

Turn trash into ephemeral art placed on the streets

Everyday all of us who live in big cities come across piles of household garbage thrown into the streets. Paris-based artist Lor-K took matters into her own hands and decided to turn urban waste into ephemeral street art. Inspired by the upcycling movement, she transforms old & filthy mattresses which are abandoned on the sidewalks of the french capital into giant food sculptures.

Her creative idea is the following: she finds, opens, cuts and paints discarded mattresses. Then, she gives them a new shape, a new identity as foodie art projects (sushi, pizzas,pastries and more) and finally leaves them in the exact same street spot.

They say that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” so Lor-K creates urban interventions -accessible to all- by trash in an attempt to re-discover and re-appreciate our everyday surroundings. Her project ideas are mainly influenced by the consumerist society so her latest project “Eat Me” is partially a food awareness project which highlights the importance of good nutrition as a part of leading a healthy lifestyle.


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