(An)other type of public education

"Education is discursive"

The Public School for Architecture in Brussels takes on a new form of education. In 2014, it was started by by Common Room in collaboration with Telic Arts Exchange and Recyclart, with support from KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture.

There is no set curriculum, accreditation nor any degrees given out. The pedagogical model focuses on a public initiated form of education. The self-initiated organization requires a commitment to the process in a way that reconstructs power structure of the teacher student dynamic, blurring the idea of the expert vs the public.

The school offers opportunities to renegotiate public space to make urbanism and architecture culture more accessible. Its mission is to create a new public for architecture while opening up architecture for the public. The school uses the city of Brussels as its learning context in relation to the broader public school network by establishing a framework for an open engagement in the discipline of architecture (and beyond).

The ‘public school’ idea started in the basement of Telic Arts Exchange in Los Angeles in 2007 and in New York in 2009 by Common Room and Telic Arts Exchange . Now, there are public schools hosted throughout the world. The Public School for Architecture attempts to open up architecture to a new public.

You can propose a class, sign up for one, attend a meeting or just follow whats going on in Brussels.

Get all the information and explore the super cool Star Wars movement of the site here.

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