Among the Ants

"Art can be exquisite, magic, impulsive... only then it becomes breathtaking, relevant with its audience; how else could it be? (Among the Ants)

Look the amazing job ants can perform when they work all together. Teamwork is a powerful tool when it comes to reflect artistic initiatives to create awareness or to just build communities. Among the ants believes that culture entails a continuous exchange of ideas within a cooperative approach. The public space is the stage where Ants are called to show their street arts and interact with everyday practices.

Among the ants finds streets as stages to perform several activities where they believe it is needed it. They talk to the community, those who are interested in the initiative to understand the process in which those places are situated. They consider this interaction as the main instrument to create culture and convey it to others. Their main goal is the transformation of public space into creative expression spaces as well as organizing shows, exhibitions and festivals. They also organise the training and formation of those artistic actions.

Their participation in KAOS (Athens) was one of the last initiatives co-organized with Pixel 13, French and Geek artists, performers and architects, worked together for the first time, to create a collective artistic movement. Artists were invited to share their personal approach and work collectively on issues of urban transformation and creative intervention in public spaces.

First attemp © Ανάμεσα στους Μέρμηγκες Official website

Do you want to know about their current project? Don’t hesitate! Check their Facebook or Official Website!

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