Alternative Finance in Poland

How Polak Potrafi uses crowdfunding to finance projects in Warsaw and beyond!

Polak Potrafi is a new way to finance creative and innovative ideas that otherwise would not be realised due to a lack of funding.  As a Community Financing scheme, Polak Potrafi helps Polish people with ideas, both big and small, to make their dreams a reality. This online crowdfunding platform helps connect creative innovators with financial contributors.

Get Support!

If you have an idea that needs funding,Polak Potrafi may be a great resource for you! Polak Potrafi not only works as a financing scheme, but also a way to raise awareness and advertise an idea or product. This form of funding ensures that a large number of people are excited about and willing to invest in a project.

Become a supporter!

There is an incentive to financially support projects: tangible rewards! Project donors receive things ranging from unique products, bonuses and experiences for their contributions. Explore all of the exciting projects and products that you can support here.

How it works

If you have an idea that you want to raise funding for using Polak Potrafi, you must meet the criteria and apply to the site online. Once approved, people can begin to support your product or idea. Polak Potrafi  operates with a unique”all-or-nothing” system of funding. This means that projects must meet their donation goal in order for the creator(s) to receive the money. If the target is not reached, all contributions from donors are returned at no charge.

Do you have an idea that you want financed or want to invest in some of the most innovative ideas around?  Get involved in a crowdfunding campaign today!

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