Aider les réfugiés

Connecting people with local initiatives to help refugees

Last week-end, we counted hundreds of offers of help. Now we would like to connect volunteers who want to help with existing initiatives. The idea is to transform this surge of generosity into a long-term movement.

Over the past few weeks, many bottom-up actions have emerged across Europe to help refugees. On September 3d, Julien Bayou and Anne-Cécile Mailfert, two French activists, decided to launch . It is an online platform that connects every citizen who wants to help refugees with local initiatives in France.

You can be part of this solidarity network by donating money to a list of existing NGO, volunteering for neighbouring projects, offering to host refugees or calling out politicians by signing online petitions or organising protests.

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An interactive map shows this growing solidarity network made of individual and collective initiatives.Two days after its creation, there were already more than 150 000 connexions to the website. Now over 3000 people offered to host refugees and 1000 volunteered in one of the projects listed. There must be one nearby you could join or you can also create your own project.

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