AID Delivery Mission

Delivering aid to an ever changing & chaotic refugee crisis

Many people are stuck around various borders in  improvised camps. Some of them without money or shelter. Food 4 refugees is a group of volunteers ready to help. On the 18th of January, this group of people travelled to the Macedonia-Greece border to support thousands of refugees. They depend on donations to cover transport costs and food supplies to give life to their kitchen mobile. 

 Different mobile action kitchen organisations like Rampenplan, Bellies Beyond Borders, Guerilla Kitchen Amsterdam and independent cooks are providing warm meals in Idomeni North of Greece where many refugees are arriving daily. Asylum seekers find themselves stuck as the authorities open and close the borders continuously. Some of them are allowed to go in while others have to remain in the border’s periphery. The situation seems to be uncontrolled and refugees are accumulated around a gas station 20km from the border. 

The main idea comes from the amount of food waste in supermarkets. The Initiators argue that all this food could easily feed hundreds of people.“Filling bellies not bins” (Bellies beyond borders) . They expect to be helped by organisations, markets and inhabitants during their journey.  

Food 4 Refugees organised events to gather as many donations as they could, so they can begin the trip to Greece.  The last one was at Spui last 9th of January, where they shared free food from their mobile kitchen. The two girls from Bellies Beyond Borders travelled to Spain to start gathering funds with their kitchen mobile van.

So far, “3000 plates were not enough” has been the last update shared by Food 4 Refugees’s volunteers.

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