La Tejedora

A place where you can create your best ideas

If you want to be amazed, you need to go to La Tejedora, walk through the parking lot and come up the stairs. There you will find an amazing space that yells: co-working. Is the perfect space, bridging elements of design and architecture, that invites you to share ideas and learn about investigation processes and fabrication.

Wednesday night, at 7:30. It was cold and rainy and we were at La Tejedora, a creative district in Cumbayá.

Museo Nómoda was about to present that night DERIVAS, a project that shows the work of 7 artists as City Watchers, in charge of making a map of Quito which enables them to create their own cartographies of the city.

© Berenice López

The project presentation took place at Pata de Gallo, a collective formed by a group of interactive, industrial designers and architects. Pata de Gallo is becoming a representative space at La Tejedora, acting as a ‘creative hub’ for the neighbourhood. The creative community that manages the place offers its unique character. They designed all the furniture, carpentry, accessories and they did all the site restoration. What distinguishes the aesthetics of the space from other ‘creative restorations’ is that, based on the necessities of the place, the material recuperation creates a unique aesthetic and varies over time.

The design goal is more about the continuous transformation process, than the final product. This is what characterizes Pata de Gallo.

© Berenice López

The intention behind Pata de Gallo is to create community based on education and investigation. This process is furthered by having ‘community talks’ and encouraging collaboration together with self-sufficiency.

Pata de Gallo seems to be the perfect place at the perfect time for the creative district La Tejedora.

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