A green pioneer in Vilnius

The first Lithuanian urban farm

It all started with an abandoned greenhouse and a good idea. When a few new inhabitants of the neighbourhood of Antakalnis saw the greenhouse that had been empty for 10 years, they started a project to revitalise the greenhouse and the garden surrounding it. Since then, the ambition to develop never went away. 




The main goal of the garden is to develop a local community, a chance for people to get out of their house and to make contact with others. In Lithuania, urban communities are not as developed as rural communities. To take gardening as a tool for interaction and for building a neighbourhood community is unique in Lithuania and might even inspire other initiatives. There are plans to build a teahouse in the future, so the place becomes more attractive and can used to host workshops and present lectures. Some of the local schools are already involved and would also like to develop this educational aspect further.

Local schools getting involved

Another goal of the garden is to become a showcase for different technologies. For example solar panels, permaculture gardening or aquaponics, which is essentially growing plants with fish waste. With the new technology centre being built nearby, this will not be a problem. These developments are in line with the ever-growing green trend in Vilnius. In the city, the municipally is promoting bicycling and Vilnius also has a sharing bicycle system like other big cities in Europe. There are several plans to renovate the parks to enhance its user-friendliness.

In the future the initiators, in tandem with the municipal government, hope they can expand to other areas in order to open more gardens. Plans are also in place to engage more with the local municipally. Currently they have one gardener that used to be unemployed and receives subsidy from the government. Whatever direction the project will take, there is no doubt that always keep harvesting positivity because of their creative and developing foundation.

A pioneer in Vilnius

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