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This is how we continue the European City Makers movement
Dear City Makers, With the #CityMakers vibe still in the air here in Amsterdam, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for joining and contributing to what we consider a very successful first City Makers Summit! We are glad that there were more than 600 City Makers joining from 150 cities all over Europe and beyond. Most of all we look back at the many memorable moments we shared and substantive content we have co-created with each of you. The (im)pact of Amsterdam On the fourth and last day of the City Makers Summit, we had the opportunity to present the City Makers Agenda at the informal ministerial conference for the Urban Agenda for the EU. We presented the New Europe magazine and The (im)pact of Amsterdam to the ministers, European Commissioners, mayors and EU institutions, with a short video and statement about the importance of City Makers and the necessity for co-creation and multilevel governance following principles of subsidiarity. The (Im)pact of Amsterdam was accepted by the ministers responsible for urban matters in the 28 member states of the European Union. It contains a bigger role for civil society and includes the following statements: ‘The Ministers agree: To recognise the potential of civil society to co-create innovative solutions to urban challenges, which can contribute to public policy making at all levels of government and strengthen democracy in the EU. … To invite civil society organisations, knowledge institutions and businesses to provide informed advice on all actions within the framework of the Urban Agenda for the EU aimed at Better Regulation, Better Funding and Better Knowledge.’ A great and well-deserved compliment for the hard work of City Makers all over Europe. This is how the twitter-sphere reacted. What’s next? As you may have learned by now, we don’t want to decide on the next steps of the City Makers movement alone. Therefore, we encourage you to join forces in the official City Makers Facebook group, to meet other City Makers online and share ideas and reflections with each other. On top of that, we created this simple typeform with a few questions to crowdsource your ideas and reflections. It would mean a lot to us if you could contribute by filling in this form. Because after all, we make this City Makers movement together! // Last but not least – we are excited to announce a couple of Metropolitan Field Trips coming up. And as promised, in the spring of 2017 we hope to meet you all in Athens for the second City Makers Summit! Thank you again for your enthusiasm and contributions so far, and we are looking forward to expand and maintain the network with you! All the best, The City Makers Summit team  
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