About us

Welcome to Citiesintransition.eu– an online magazine full of inspiring stories on bottom-up initiatives written for and by City Makers from all over Europe.

This European platform is an initiative by Amsterdam based Pakhuis de Zwijger and its platform: Nieuw Amsterdam: Stad in Transitie (Nieuw Amsterdam – City in Transition). Between 2014 and 2016 we will build a network of the 28 capitals of the member states of the European Union. A network supported by, as we call them, City Makers: from active citizens, to (creative) entrepreneurs, urban professionals, civil servants, scientists, residents’ initiatives, SME’s, government, NGO’s, research and educational institutions which are actively engaged in their urban surroundings and are shaping the city in transition.

Every capital will have a City Embassy, an organisation or local platform that will fulfil a networking role among the City Makers within their own city. The City Embassies are our local partners and the main vehicle in establishing and maintaining the network. New Europe – Cities in Transition is an open platform that focuses on exchanging and sharing knowledge and experiences between City Makers.

After months of hard work we are proud to launch our new online platform citiesintranstion.eu. Along the way, we aim to include at least every capital of the 28 member states in our network. On our platform all participating cities have their own home page with an interactive map with inspiring initiatives, frequent City Reports and interviews with City Makers. Looking into the city in transition in terms of sustainable design, shared ownership, social innovation and democratic renewal.

Enjoy exploring and be inspired!