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Short tips from readers and editors
  • Tip
    -Beirut, Lebanon- Recycle Beirut works to create green jobs in the recycling industry for refugees, merging the waste and refugee crisis in a solution > .
  • Tip from Bucharest
    Posted by Cristina Popa
    23-30 of November, at ArCub, Save or Cancel exhibits the results of its latest awareness campaign on cultural heritage, with an application on Capitol Cinema / Summer Theatre.
  • Tip from Paris
    Pass on the information for objects in good condition which you find in the streets of Paris & reduce the amount of waste which is thrown away every day!Adopt or post:
  • Tip from Athens
    180 Moires (180º) is a Social Innovation Lab, empowering communities and people to thrive, while eradicating social exclusion. Focus is employment & transition of informal economy to sustainability.
  • Tip from Athens
    Multikulti is a multicultural city guide for Athens, focusing on its vivid communities with roots all around the world.
  • Tip from Bucharest
    Posted by krroiss
    Check out Romanian Design Week for the temporary design studio:
  • Tip from Athens
    The unMonastery is a social clinic for the future. It is a place-based social innovation is aimed at addressing the interlinked needs of empty space, unemployment and depleting
  • Tip from Athens
    Green Technologies for the Mediterranean
    Always wanted a lush green roof or wall? Okiosteges offer unique solutions for the demanding urban environments of the Mediterranean. Lets make the urban greener
  • Tip from Madrid
    LED Street Lights
    Madrid will update their street light system with smart and sustainable LED lights. Saving the city 44% in energy costs.
  • Tip from London
    Underground bike lanes
    This design proposal to turn unused subway tunnels into biking lanes is really cool
  • Tip
    An interesting piece on pscychogeography- theory on the effects of the built environment on its occupants
  • Tip
    Save Water Brick
    Save Water Brick is made from leaves and discarded plastic and absorbs water. Not only is it better for the enviroment than normal bricks, it also helps to save water.
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